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Just a quick reminder that:

  • Not all trans people want surgery

  • Not all trans people want to take hormones

  • Not all trans men like women

  • Not all trans women like men

  • Not all trans people are romantically/sexually interested in others

  • Some trans folk like to cross-dress opposite of the gender they identify with

  • All kinds of people have their own definition of what is and isn't masculine and feminine and even then they don't always stick within those lines

  • Every trans person has their own definition of transgender/transexual that reflects who they are and their experiences

  • You do not get to define what being trans is for someone else


"Trans rights are human rights." This moving video features 21 transgender people in Asia and across the Pacific sharing their experiences with their families, healthcare providers, government entities and more, and how those experiences were shaped by their trans status. 

Together with UNAIDS, the Asia-Pacific Transgender Network released the video for special recognition today, Zero Discrimination Day, which is “a day to celebrate everyone’s right to live a full life with dignity no matter what they look like, where they come from or who they love.” (via Gay Star News)

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